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"We want a multilateral system that is solid, effective and representative...For that reason Brazil supports the Canadian initiative of the establishment of the L-20."

- Brazilian President Lula da Silva, 2004.


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Leaders L20

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The Leaders-20 (L20) project began as a hypothesis and an experiment to determine if global issues could be effectively resolved through the meeting of a group of global leaders. It has evolved into a model for effective global governance, comprised of a forum of leaders that, through focused, participatory dialogue, moves beyond bureaucratic immobility to determine workable solutions to entrenched global problems.

Existing global governance structures have failed to solve persistent global problems, despite repeated commitments to find solutions. The L20 project tests the theory that informal discussion at the Leader level has the potential to break global deadlocks. The project attempts to demonstrate how workable solutions may be reached as a result of a new Leaders’ forum facilitating informal discussion.

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